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I was diagnosed with cancer, which required the removal of lymph nodes. This affected my left side and arm, which became very painful and almost immobile. The pain was severe enough that it awakened me every two hours during the night.

After a couple of treatments at the Shibata Acupuncture Clinic, the pain had eased enough that I was able to get a complete night's sleep and return to my aerobics class.

With subsequent treatments, I continued to experience less pain until I am now using my arm almost normally. I highly recommend this treatment as it gave quick relief and a quick return to my normal life in just one month.


I have been working in the physical rehabilitation field for nearly 20 years. During this time, I have seen clients with various injuries, some of which do not respond well to typical rehabilitative regimens. One such ailment is plantar fasciitis.

In the spring of 2007, I was unfortunate to have developed plantar fasciitis myself. As a competitive recreational tennis player, increased play time on my feet resulted in intolerable foot pains, which began to limit my tennis and cause compensatory pain to my other foot, my low back, and my hips.

Initially, I attempted to treat this condition with typical rehabilitative measures, including: ultrasound, icing, stretching, heel cups, night splints and proper footwear. As the Head Instructor for Ergonomics at the University of British Columbia, I was well aware of both proper and improper postures associated with this condition. Unfortunately, after weeks and weeks of such intervention, I found very little benefit, continuing to feel significantly disabled by my foot pain.

It was then that I sought help from Daichan Shibata to attempt Japanese acupuncture for treatment of my foot. I went in skeptically, realizing that the typical bout of plantar fasciitis would run approximately 6 months or longer. I had an upcoming tennis tournament and was at wit's end as to treatment alternatives. After one session with Daichan I was walking without a limp. Within 3 sessions, I was playing tennis again without pain. To me, this was somewhat unbelievable.

As a treating clinician myself, I highly value Daichan's clinical skills, clients focus, non-hurried approach, and gentle nature. I hold this individual in very high regard, feeling fortunate that our paths crossed and that I was able to personally benefit from his expertise.


Min Trevor Kyi
Clinical Assistant Professor, UBC Faculty of Medicine
School of Rehabilitation Science, Division of Occupational Therapy


I 'm very happy with the treatments received from Daichan. I initially went because of a knee injury and I now go for pregnancy treatments and support. The shiatsu component is so relaxing I sometimes fall asleep and sleep through the acupuncture. Daichan is a very skilled, sensitive and kind practitioner. I would recommend him to anyone.


In her book, Ms. Patel Thompson writes:
" ...I found the main benefit derived from this type of treatment (acupuncture) was stress control and pain reduction. It is also excellent for maintaining and promoting overall, wholistic health. However, in my opinion, there is a big difference between Chinese and Japanese acupuncture.

With Japanese acupuncture, I have never even felt the needles going in, much less felt any pain or twinges as a result. I have only ever felt relaxed and nurtured during and after a session. With Chinese acupuncture, the needles used are much larger. I could feel every one going in and some of the insertions were even painful.... So, unless you prefer more aggressive, dramatic treatments, I definitely recommend seeing a Japanese acupuncturist rather than a Chinese acupuncturist. Try to find a practitioner who is actually Japanese and has undergone their training and certification in Japan." (Page 174)


I have had neck, upper back and right shoulder pain and muscle tension for over 10 years. This has resulted from two whiplash injuries, a separated right shoulder and a work-related right bicep tendon tear. To treat my symptoms (which also included tension headaches), I have been seeing a very competent RMT every one to two weeks and a chiropractor monthly. My symptoms persisted and I thought of my condition as chronic.

The massage therapy and chiropractic visits acted as maintenance only and prevented my condition from worsening. Working full time as a nurse hasn't helped my problems much either!

After only 5 acupuncture sessions with Daichan, there was a significant improvement in my condition. I haven't had a headache in over 3 months. I am continuing to improve gradually and don't have the constant tightness in my neck and upper back anymore.

I also have infrequent but very painful GI spasms (about 3 times a year) usually lasting 6-8 hours. I usually end up in the emergency department requiring a shot of narcotic and anti-spasmodic. At the beginning of my most recent attack, I coincidently had an appointment with Daichan. He treated me and the spasm stopped.

Anyone who would like further information can get my phone number from Daichan.



I went to Daichan because I was suffering from lower back pain so severe that I had a difficult time getting out of bed every morning for two years. After three treatments the pain had substantially subsided to a bearable level and then after two more treatments all pain has disappeared. I can now get out of bed without even doing any stretching first.

I highly recommend his professional services which are very safe and effective.



Email received May 24, 2007:

Hi Dr Masamichi (Daichan) Shibata

My name is Silvia Nuber. At the end of 2005 and early 2006 I was going for acupuncture treatment for a fibroid I have. I then had to suspend treatment since I moved to Calgary.

I wanted to tell you that last year I got pregnant and delivered a baby girl on January 27th. Before your treatment, my fibroid was 6x6 cm in size and when I was 3 months pregnant it was only 2x2 cm. In a previous pregnancy that ended in miscarriage, the fibroid grew to be 10x10 cm, so I am sure that this time the fibroid must have been even smaller than 2x2 cm before I got pregnant. I don't know how big my fibroid is now, but after delivery it was 4x3 cm.

The other good news is that I got pregnant with only one try (my husband didn't want me to get pregnant again, being afraid of another miscarriage). Your treatment was also good to increase my fertility. (I am 40 years old).

I think your treatment was great and if I go back to Vancouver I will go back for treatment.

I am attaching a picture in case you can't remember me.

I will recommend your treatment to friends. If you could recommend a Japanese acupuncturist in calgary that would be great!!!

Silvia and her baby  

Thanks again for your treatment that helped me become a mother.

Silvia Nuber
Calgary, Alberta


Acupuncture had painful memories for me, but with Daichan's gentle/warm style and my specialist's comments about there being some evidence that acupuncture helped some women carry to term, I had the treatments, and soon after a beautiful girl.  I wish others the same sucess.  Many thanks to you Daichan.

Kindest regards,



I have a long history of soft tissue injury to my upper back and neck, and lower back work-related injuries. Over the years I have sought relief with exercise, chiropractic treatment, massage therapy, physiotherapy, healing touch and medication during acute phases.

Five months ago my sister and brother-in-law recommended going for treatment with Masamichi Shibata. Both of them had remarkable success from his treatment. Since starting my treatments, the pain and tension in my back and neck have decreased considerably. As a bonus, Masamichi Shibata’s acupuncture treatment has eliminated my monthly migraines.



I first came to see Daichan Shibata for acupuncture in the summer of 2006. The appointment had been booked a few weeks before and an accident brought me to his door fresh out of surgery. A plate and seven screws had to be put in my forearm and getting better was of the utmost importance.

I had received acupuncture in the past several times but never for such a serious injury. Daichan's care and gentle manner was very comforting, he went straight to work on the injury with confidence and the amount of relief I felt after the session was amazing. I continued to see him for a cycle of three or four sessions, after which he assured me he had done what he could to speed the healing process.

I have seen Mr Shibata several times a year since then, both for maintenance and other, gratefully less serious, injuries. Each time he has managed to impress me with his skills.

As I am also a health care professional, I confidently refer my own clients to his capable hands whenever I have the opportunity. Under his care, I feel as though my meridians are the strings of a harp, and he is a master player.



Dear Daichan,

Thank you for your excellent and professional care. When we started, I had suffered from years of overwork, high stress, and acid reflux. I knew I was suffering from a serious bodily imbalance that would require a significant time to correct.

Your work on my chronic shoulder pain and tension by treating my back, neck, chest and shoulder blades provided relief and even improved my walking and swimming. Your treatment of my shin meridians reduced my acid reflux tongue moss and corrected my walk. It seemed strangely normal that you could treat one particular body part or organ and heal a distant and seemingly unrelated body part or organ. Through our work my anxiety decreased, my acid reflux symptoms diminished, and my tongue moss normalized.

Your approaches are effective and fascinating! I tried to understand how chi and acupuncture works by struggling to learn the language and how to ask relevant questions. Thank you for your patience with my many questions.

I truly value that you have expertise in two modalities, not just one. Your using both acupuncture and shiatsu together not only deeply affected my physical self, but also how I move, my energy, my dream processes, and even access to my emotions and memories. I received so much more than I originally hoped for when we started our work.

Our steady treatment progress and your practical suggestions gave me strength and hope. I finally believe that I can become healthy again, and I look forward to our continuing work. Thank you so very much.



I started coming to see Masamichi (Daichan) Shibata in February 2003 for migraines and scoliosis. My chiropractor Dr. R. Hunter recommended Daichan. I was in severe pain, and Daichan was able to find other scenarios in my body that needed adjusting. Daichan's office and his presence are extremely calming and he is professional, knowledgeable and has helped me with my fear of needles.

I had surgery in Oct 2010, and since then had blurred vision and dizzy spells, so I came back to see Daichan in Jan 2011. In just two sessions of acupuncture, my blurred vision and dizzy spells had significantly improved by almost 80%. I prefer Daichan's smaller needles and he often leaves tiny needles and acupressure balls on certain points of my body that are left in for a few days and that really seems to make a difference for me.

I would highly recommend Daichan to friends and family, as each time I have a health issue or a flare-up from my migraines, neck or back pain, Daichan can usually settle it down within a few sessions.

Thank you so much Daichan for helping me out over the years.



I have diabetic neuropathy for more than 15 years and received acupuncture from Mr. Masamichi Shibata.

After 5 treatment the neuropathic pressure was reduced considerably.

I am glad that I went to Mr. Masamichi (Daichan) Shibata and I hope to continue with the treatment in the future.

GEORGE DRASKÓY, M. Recreational Use of Forest Lands


I suffered terribly from migraine and cluster headaches for many years. A friend of mine suggested I schedule an appointment with Mr. Masamichi (Daichan) Shibata for Japanese Acupuncture.

After 2-3 sessions the headaches decreased in frequency and severity; which was absolutely wonderful! I can now say that I am headache free and my quality of life has improved more than I ever thought possible. I feel less fatigue, have more energy and now have a greater sense of "well being".

I would highly recommend Mr. Shibata.

Thank you.



Mr. Shibata came highly recommended to me by both a physiotherapist and a chiropractor. He was able to help me when no one else could.

His honesty is remarkable. If at any time he can not improve your condition further, he will tell you so. He is gentle and extraordinarily mindful of his patient's comfort.

Japanese acupuncture, unlike Chinese, uses extremely small needles. It is quite painless.

Mr. Shibata is a professional of the highest repute. I would recommend him to anyone without reservation.



My Experience with Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Recently I was having dinner with a friend who was looking very relaxed and younger than her years.  When I commented on this she said that she had just completed a Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture procedure with Daichan Shibata.  On this recommendation I decided to treat myself to the same procedure.

My skin has always been very dry.  However, after just a couple of sessions my skin was much softer and less dry.  I no longer felt like it would crack when I smiled!  For several months I had suffered from itchy, scaly patches on my forehead, diagnosed as a low-grade eczema.  I had gone through a vast array of ointments and creams in order to gain some relief but to no avail.  After just a couple of sessions the eczema completely disappeared and has not returned!

When I was undergoing the Facial Rejuvenation process I received some comments from people who, for the most part were unaware that I was having these treatments.  I ran into a friend who I had not seen for a while who said, "You look younger every time I see you!"  Another comment was, "My, you are looking so well."  Another friend said to me, "You look taller."

I have found that many of the wrinkles have lessened and are not as deep as they once appeared.  The skin on my face is both tighter and smoother.  To my eyes I have a brighter and healthier appearance.  The changes that I see are subtle but nevertheless obvious.  The term "Facial Rejuvenation and Revitalization" matches both how I perceive myself on the outside and how I feel on the inside.



I have a long history of back pain. It started some years ago in the neck and shoulder region, moving down the back over the years. I now experience chronic pain, mainly down one side of my body, from the lower back down the buttock, and in both the back and front of the leg. My doctor believes I have sciatica. I have received physiotherapy in the past for these problems and have been receiving massage therapy and chiropractic adjustments regularly for many years. The pain and discomfort are at the point where I am not able to sleep at all at night so I am desperate to find some help. Do you consider acupuncture to be an effective treatment for the problems I have described? I look forward to hearing from you.

Two weeks after I sent this e-mail to Mr. Shibata, I went to see him for a first session. I saw him every few days and I could see an improvement after three sessions. After three more sessions, I was pain free. I can now sleep through the night without any pain. Thank-you very much, Mr. Shibata.



One day, for no apparent reason, I developed a severe pain in my left shoulder and down my left arm. It would get worse if I tilted my head, or raised my right arm. Sitting upright was the only way to get relief. When lying down in any position, I was in constant pain and could not sleep.

First, I went to my doctor to get it checked. He figured I had a pinched nerve in my cervical spine. He immediately arranged for a CT Scan, but it would take ages to get in. In the meantime, I was over-dosing on ibuprofen just to control the pain. Although the medication was helpful, it lasted only 4-5 hours, and that was all the sleep I could get.

After two weeks, I was desperate for an alternative solution. Being interested in Japanese culture, I asked myself, "What would they do in this situation?" The answer was obvious, so I quickly found "Japanese Acupuncture" and made an appointment.

To fully expose my symptoms, I stopped all medication the day before. As expected, I got almost no sleep at all.

During my first session with Shibata Sensei, he asked some questions, performed an examination, and then got right down to the therapy. He also advised me to try avoiding pain medication because it counteracts the effectiveness of acupuncture. His advice turned out to be moot since that night I had the best sleep in weeks, without any medication. By the third or fourth session, the pain was completely gone, regardless of how I moved my head or arms. After the seventh session, I am left with a slight numbness in the tip of my left index finger.

I finally had my CT scan and as my doctor suspected, one of my discs is protruding and impinging on the left C7 nerve root. If I am careful, and with some luck, the disc will eventually go back on its own. Otherwise it's off to surgery. I have no doubt that the acupuncture and shiatsu therapy worked. It relieved the tension in my shoulder and started the healing process that will allow the disc to correct itself.

I have no hesitation in recommending Japanese Acupuncture, and would be happy to discuss my experience.



In September 2002, two months into an as-yet-undiagnosed hand problem, I began seeing Daichan on the strong recommendation of a friend who had had excellent results with him in the past. Intense pain and swelling, especially at the base of my thumb, had rendered my right hand useless to the point where I was unable to carry out even the simplest functions, never mind continue working. Three physicians/specialists had been unable to agree on a diagnosis, and conventional treatments such as physiotherapy and anti-inflammatories had proven ineffective. Acupuncture / shiatsu sessions with Daichan provided me with significant pain relief and a noticeable reduction of swelling. After finally receiving a diagnosis of calcific tendonitis and a single corticosteroid injection that, too, was ineffective, I continued my sessions with Daichan on a twice-weekly basis. Since then, I am steadily regaining more and more use of my hand for every-day activities, and am pain and swelling free unless I over-do things. I have no doubt that Daichan's thoughtful, compassionate, and very professional treatment has been the only thing that has given me ever-increasing use of my hand, and I highly and unhesitatingly recommend him.



In late July 2000 my fiancée and I were invited to “do the Grouse grind” with our boss. I had heard about it through the years but had never tried it. I made it up the mountain, barely, in just under an hour (you don’t really have a choice ­ once you start, you either have to go up or retrace your steps back down). I was fine for a couple of days afterwards and even started to think about trying it again, but by day 3 I was limping on a painful right knee.

I had developed patella femoral syndrome several years ago while weight training but had not experienced any pain for the past two years. It became increasingly difficult to walk and I began to take anti-inflammatory medication and purchased a knee support to help me get around. After a few days, when I realized that it wasn’t getting any better, I called Daichan for an appointment. He recommended that I avoid using the knee support because it would only allow me to do things that would prevent the recovery of my knee. After the first visit (that included both acupuncture and acupressure) my knee felt substantially better. The skin needles he left in were particularly helpful in controlling the pain. With each treatment I felt less and less pain. And after just a few treatments, we decided that I wouldn’t need to come back. It has been several months now and I have not experienced any flare-ups.

I have never found a treatment to be so effective in such a short period of time, and I have recommended Daichan to many of my family members, friends, and colleagues.

L.M. KING, B.A., M.A., M.B.A.


Recently I had an extreme case of bursitis in my right shoulder and I could not lift my arm without extreme pain. When I went to my doctor I was given two choices: a cortisone shot or physiotherapy for a few weeks. I had been to see Masamichi (Daichan) Shibata for shiatsu and acupuncture treatments in the past but not for anything as bad as the bursitis had become. After one treatment of acupuncture on Monday, the difference could be felt. When I awoke the next morning I could move my arm without the extreme pain that there had been. Over the next few days I regained full movement of my shoulder and was able to go back to the gym by Saturday.



I began going to Masamichi (Daichan) Shibata for acupuncture treatments almost two years ago, when I was suffering chronic pain from a pinched nerve in my spine. I had been unable to run, dance or cycle for more than six months and didn't want to pursue treatment with anti-inflammatories and painkillers if I could help it.

After three months of twice-weekly acupuncture sessions, I was free of pain and able to resume all of my physical activities. For the next year and a half I experienced excellent physical health and had no acupuncture treatments.

In November 2000 a physically stressful job brought a return of my previous pain. I returned to Daichan for acupuncture treatments once a week and, despite the ongoing physical stress of my job, I found the pain greatly reduced and eventually gone.

During this time I also suffered a serious bout of laryngitis. I had an acupuncture treatment for this, and within 48 hours my voice was fully back to normal. I was particularly grateful for this as I was performing a starring role in a musical eight shows a week and unable to take time to rest my voice.

Above and beyond the obvious physical benefits of these treatments, I find them very calming and beneficial to my mental state.



One Sunday in winter, I was walking quickly to meet someone when I fell down an incline and sprained my ankle quite badly. I knew immediately that the sprain was worse than any sprain I’d had previously but I was so busy that I didn’t have time to ice it right a way. The next day, my ankle had swollen so much that I couldn’t walk normally. I consulted Mr. Shibata because I was worried that my condition would worsen and I was to leave on a weeklong trip in a couple days. I knew that acupuncture is very effective because all the family members of my early childhood friend received acupuncture treatments regularly for various reasons and it helped them a lot.

I had never had the chance to try acupuncture before. Getting needles makes me weak and I was quite nervous about acupuncture needles but Mr. Shibata told me before treatment that Japanese needles are especially small and thin. I hardly felt anything and I was able to relax during the treatment. He was right. I hardly felt any needle pain but the biggest surprise came in the treatment’s effectiveness. During the treatment, while still in the room, the swelling in my ankle started going down right before my eyes. By the next day, the swelling and pain had almost completely disappeared and in the end, my ankle didn’t give me any trouble during my trip.

I have sprained my ankles many times since high school but never before have I experienced such a quick recovery. I was very happy that I could finish my trip without worrying about my ankle. Even though I had heard from friends that acupuncture would be effective for my problem, I am very amazed at the results from Mr. Shibata’s acupuncture treatment. I am delighted to be able to share my wonderful experience with everyone.



I originally visited Mr. Shibata for treatment of my nausea, which occurs when I engage in physical activity at altitudes, especially when I ski, which I do quite frequently. After 2 treatments there was significant improvement. I halved the medication I normally take when skiing and felt very good and experienced a general improvement in my balance.

In addition, Mr. Shibata treated a pulled hamstring muscle and I felt a drastic improvement after a single session.

Finally, I had been experiencing stiffness and some pain in my hip resulting from surgery several years ago. After a single treatment I experienced a tremendous improvement in flexibility, and diminishing of pain during exercise of the hip and even the corresponding knee joint.

I highly recommend Mr. Shibata's service. I have found him to be highly professional and very effective.



I am a strong believer of "Qi" energy. "Qi" is life energy according to the traditional Oriental medicine. One day last summer I had bursitis. This happened while I was driving home. I noticed that I could not raise my right arm at all. My right shoulder hurt so much. I barely managed to drive home safely. An acute pain lasted one and a half days. I could hardly sleep. I thought about going to see my family doctor or chiropractor, but I decided to visit an acupuncturist since my wife had some successful experience with acupuncture in the past. I went to see Masamichi (Daichan) Shibata who practices acupuncture and shiatsu in Vancouver. He said it would take six months to one year to heal if it were frozen shoulder. Luckily, I became well within a week thanks to Daichan. He told me that he had become an acupuncturist because of his own experience in childhood. He was an athlete and hurt one of his knees. Then he visited an acupuncturist who cured his problematic knee. I have definitely become an advocate for acupuncture based upon this experience. It does not cause any pain as some people may think. I would like to recommend Masamichi (Daichan) Shibata to anyone who has a strong pain in the neck, back or shoulders.



Since 1997 I have been attending weekly sessions with M. Daichan Shibata. I went to him initially as I had a very stiff shoulder from playing badminton. He has helped me tremendously. A few weeks ago I decided to play baseball with a team from my gym. At the end of the game, as I was running to a base, I felt a muscle pull behind my left knee. It was very painful and I could barely walk. Fortunately I had a session scheduled with Daichan that day and I limped to his office quite worried that I would be injured for quite some time. Daichan immediately treated the popliteus muscle at the back of my leg with acupuncture. When I left his office, I was able to walk more easily and by the next morning I was almost completely cured. After three days all the pain had disappeared. I am sure that this would have been a long and painful injury if I had not been immediately treated with Daichan's acupuncture. Daichan is a skilled acupuncturist.



I noticed that my back was sore one day when running moderately on a gravel soccer field sometime in January 1999. The lower back felt almost like some frozen ground beef, solid, raw and painful. Someone more sensible would have stopped running immediately and taken some painkillers, but normally no more that a couple of days would go by before this kind of soreness would pass and I could go back to playing soccer and generally slouching about. A week later I was in even more pain and could not play soccer and in fact had missed two days of work that week.

Initially I went to my local therapeutic massage center and found some relief but not nearly enough because the next day the back was sore. Next, I went to one of the many physiotherapists that had been recommended by numerous friends who had been in serious discomfort at one time or another. As luck would have it, the first therapist actually made the pain go away on the very first visit but by nightfall, having coached a boys' soccer team, my back was as bad as ever. Several visits to the same therapist, and another who frankly made matters much worse, resulted in very little relief and forced me to think that I would have to try something more radical: either a chiropractor or an acupuncturist. Another friend who had lived in Japan suggested I visit a Japanese acupuncturist and a couple of days later I made my first appointment with Masamichi (Daichan) Shibata. I was hopeful that relief and a cure would be forthcoming and therefore confident that sticking pins in me would actually work!

Daichan's treatment began with me reconstructing the events concerning my lower back injury, and the various physiotherapy treatments and their effects. Following this, Daichan gently probed the area where he expected me to experience pain, and I provided quiet or noisy feedback depending on whether he had found a particularly tender point. Once this process was finished, Daichan began the shiatsu phase of treatment, which consisted him gently but firmly pressing my back from roughly between the shoulder blades to the tailbone along the line of my spine. Other people who have been treated by Daichan have told me that they experienced the same blissful lightness that came over me and which resulted in a gentle sleepy state. "I'm going to do the acupuncture now" Daichan's voice interrupted, and I imagined that the painful healing process would now begin. The needles did not inflict any pain. In fact, I couldn't really feel them at all. It was something more akin to a tickle than a pin jab. After about 15 or 20 minutes of having very fine needles put into me, Daichan asked if I would mind if he left in some needles until my next visit. These needles were to continue the work of the whole treatment during the few days before my next visit. The pointed part was no longer than an actual pinhead, and was held flat in place by a piece of sticky bandage. The piece of the needle that stuck out had a circular loop on it to ensure that it could be removed easily and prevented the needle from accidentally being pushed in further than the desired amount.

I looked forward to the treatments over the next couple of months for many reasons. Firstly, my back improved and the pain diminished every visit in small but perceptible amounts that I would estimate at the rate of 3% or 4% each treatment. Not only did the pain diminish, but also after about 3 weeks I was able to return to playing soccer every Sunday morning and not have chronic pain for the rest of the week. I continued to receive treatment on a more or less weekly basis for about two months and then reduced my treatment visits to once a month on a sort of "tune up" basis. The other major reason why I looked forward to treatment was that Daichan provided an environment where I felt that my health (physical as well as mental or spiritual) was his number one priority for the hour that I was with him. Putting myself first for a whole hour once or twice a week was re-invigorating and Daichan played a crucial and vital role in this focus. If for no other reason than this, I thoroughly recommend you to his care.



When I went to Banff National Park at the beginning of September 2000, I felt a very sharp pain in my arm. I believed that the pain was related to an old volleyball injury and that it was flaring up because of the extreme cold. However, I still had a sharp pain even after returning to Vancouver and it was getting worse, spreading to my chest and back. I visited several Canadian physicians but the symptoms didn't change and painkillers didn't help at all. That's when I decided to try acupuncture treatment.

After several of Mr. Shibata's treatments, my pain in the chest, shoulder and back all disappeared. I also had numbness in my arm but that disappeared as well. I could finally spend my daily life free of pain!

If you have a similar problem, I would like to recommend his treatment. I'll enjoy my foreign student life in Vancouver much more thanks to Mr. Shibata.



Mr. Shibata provides acupuncture in a gentle and effective manner. After just one session I had increased range of motion in my injured shoulder (pain-free). After four sessions I felt a release in jaw tension as well as a partial clearing of nasal passages blocked from rhinitis. As well, during weekly sessions I experienced being PMS symptom-free 2 months in a row! I highly recommend Mr. Shibata's treatment.



I had a stomach ulcer twice before in Japan and Canada. Both times I took medication and then suffered side effects in which I lost my appetite and couldn’t eat at all. I have very bad memories of those days.

Last month, I started having symptoms of another stomach ulcer, having pain and heaviness when my stomach was empty. This time I decided to try acupuncture, since I had received acupuncture from Mr. Shibata when I had carpal tunnel syndrome and he had helped me. After several treatments, my symptoms disappeared and I didn’t need to face the uncomfortable side effects of stomach ulcer medications.

I am very pleased with the result of my acupuncture treatments and Mr. Shibata’s general support during each treatment. I strongly recommend Mr. Shibata’s acupuncture treatment to anyone suffering from a stomach ulcer, carpal tunnel syndrome, or any kind of pain.



I have been a patient of Shibata-san for the last 4 or 5 years and he has treated me successfully for rotator cuff and Achilles tendon problems. I highly recommend his services as he is proven to be a very efficient and professional acupuncturist.



I have had Cluster Headaches, which is the most painful type of migraine headache, for about 10 years. I had tried many migraine specialists and I had taken some medication for it, which helped me for a while but the side effects where so much that I had to stop taking the medication.

Then I decided to try acupuncture and I found out about Mr. Masamichi Shibata online. I went to see Mr. Masamichi Shibata for 5 sessions and from the first session my headaches have stopped which is a huge relief in my everyday life. I am really thankful to Mr. Shibata for helping me with my headaches and weak immune system. The ancient method still works better than western medicine. Cheers



Mr. M. Daichan Shibata has exceeded my expectations.  He is precise, professional, and has an immaculate and welcoming office.  The acupuncture treatment is painless and the accompanying shiatsu massage greatly relieving. 

I went to Mr. Shibata approximately 3 months ago for what I can only describe as ‘perimenopausal’ symptoms.  What was particularly debilitating was my abnormally short cycles which left me low in energy and with difficulty concentrating, etc.  After my sessions with Mr. Shibata, my energy has increased, and my cycle has been restored to normal - a welcome change!  I am very pleased with my progress under Mr. Shibata’s care, and have recommended him to my ‘40-something’ friends.

L. E. MERCER, B.A., M.A.


Hello Doctor! My headache has gone on the way to my home from your office. That Japanese acupuncture and Shiatsu are very useful for me. I have suffered from depression, joint pain, menstrual disorder, carpal tunnel syndrome and insomnia for 3 years. After 3 sessions I was fine, after 7session I was great! I strongly recommend to anyone who is looking for good acupuncture specialist to see doctor Daichan.



As a hard working carpenter in Vancouver's theatre community, I am subject to the many pains and strains associated with the job. For the last year I have been in chronic pain due to repetitive strain injuries to my right shoulder and bicep and was starting to feel that my performance at work was becoming compromised by these injuries. My family doctor recommended that I start a course of physiotherapy. After 4 months of treatment I was feeling only minorly better and still in pain.

At this point I went to see Masamichi (Daichan) Shibata. After the first treatment, the stiffness had disappeared, and by the fourth treatment I was feeling like a new man. The pain in my shoulder and bicep is gone and I now feel that my work is no longer being compromised by the pain. I am very impressed with the treatments that I have received from Daichan and have recommended him to my friends and co-workers and would gladly recommend him to all.



I was suffering with uncomfortable sore, itchy eyes, the symptoms of dry tear ducts. My optometrist recommended the use of tear drops for daytime use and a thick ointment before sleep. Though this offered some relief I hated the fact I was always sticking something in my eyes.

After receiving treatment from Masamichi Shibata I have had excellent results. My right eye is perfect and the left at about 85%, and thankfully no more eye drops. I would encourage anyone with dry tear ducts to try Mr. Shibata's acupuncture.



I first received Daichan's treatments more than 10 years ago.  He is the best and a reliable therapist.  I am now in "Delirium" by Cirque du Soleil as a character dancer and I am part of its North American Tour.  I was so looking forward to receiving a treatment from Daichan when we came to Vancouver to perform.  His treatment was great, as usual, and helped me a lot to recover from the exhaustion of touring.Thank you, thank you Daichan! And please help me again when I have a chance to visit Vancouver.