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Because my occupation is a gardener, my low back is under great stress. I had low back and lumbar pain along with tingling in my leg. I had 3 treatments from Mr. Shibata where mostly direct moxibustion and a little acupuncture were performed. After the first treatment, my pain disappeared like magic. Later, the tingling was also gone. Those treatments were my first experience with acupuncture and moxibustion. Looking back, I should have gone to see Mr. Shibata as soon as the pain started. Thank-you very much! You are the one I shall see if I need treatment in the future.


For the greater part of the last ten years I have suffered chronic lower back pain. In the beginning this would present no more challenge than a general feeling of moderate stiffness or occasional tenderness. As time passed however, it became bad enough to severely restrict both my personal lifestyle and professional commitments. On four separate occasions I suffered sudden and serious 'attacks' of excruciatingly painful lower back muscle spasm which would force me to remain completely motionless in bed for four or five days in a row.

Whilst following Western medicine's usual route from doctor to pharmacist and back again I spent goodness knows how many days engaged in countless flexibility programs, chiropractic adjustments, ultrasound treatments, sessions with so-called 'back specialists' and even had x-rays, blood tests and bone scan examinations in an attempt to explain the source of my symptoms.

During an unusually acute episode, I was advised by a friend to visit the Shibata Acupuncture clinic. Following a brief course of treatment over three or four weeks, my back problems all but disappeared! Originally my treatments were limited to shiatsu and acupuncture, but as I became more interested in Daichan's methods (and the pain-relief and rehabilitation they allowed) I expressed an interest in moxibustion. I cannot adequately explain the degree of relief of being freed from such long-term restrictions to my freedom of movement (not to mention various degrees of discomfort and pain). I am now delighted to report that I no longer suffer from my former condition, I enjoy a full and very active life and believe that this change came as a direct result of my moxibustion treatments.

I offer my unreserved recommendation to anyone who may be considering treatment at the Shibata Acupuncture clinic. Daichan has earned my unconditional respect and gratitude; his methods and techniques are simply remarkable. He displays consistently exceptional professionalism balanced with gentleness, great kindness and compassion. I will never be able to thank Daichan enough for all that he has done for me.



I first started having back pain 20 years ago when I began intensive triathlon training. At that time, I underwent various treatments -massage, shiatsu, and other therapies common in Japan, but none of them really worked for me. In fact, it took more than one year for my back pain to subside.

More recently, I suffered back pain as a result of lifting an unusually heavy box. The morning following this incident I was in acute pain, so I visited Mr. Shibata (Daichan) to seek his professional advice. He recommended moxibustion in order to stimulate the area and accelerate recovery. He said that he recommends this treatment for athletes - because, although the treatment itself is intense, it leads to a speedy recovery. The day after I received treatment, I was amazed at how much better I felt and how much movement I had in my lower back. Within 48 hours, I was completely healed and able to resume my training. I am thankful to have come across such a highly professional therapist!



I am extremely happy with the treatments I am receiving at the Shibata Acupuncture Clinic. Daichan's approach is highly professional and competent, yet compassionate and warm. His treatments are not only effective in diminishing and/or eliminating the pain and discomfort; they are also very relaxing and calming.

I initially went to Daichan because of back and shoulder pain due to an injury: several years ago I had a fall that resulted in cracked vertebrae and badly damaged surrounding soft tissue. After some rather useless rehabilitation, western medicine considered me 'cured' and I was supposed to continue life on painkillers... which I didn't do and was managing to achieve some temporary relief from pain using Pilates and massage. I tried Chinese acupuncture as well. At the end, I didn't think that my pain could ever go away. Besides back pain, I was starting to experience various pains and discomfort in feet, hands, and shoulder, probably all related and caused by the original back injury.

After Daichan's acupuncture treatments, I can see definite improvement and am hoping that one day I might actually be back to normal. I am still seeing massage therapist once per week and that helps me tremendously, but now my pain increases mostly due to carrying around my 19 month old, while previously I could barely carry a bag of groceries from the car.

Daichan also treated my hand and feet, all with great success. Every treatment would start with gentle probing and shiatsu, which is so relaxing that I would often fall asleep on the table! With Chinese acupuncture, I could definitely feel the needles going in and sometimes it was a little painful. When treated by Daichan, I don't even feel the needles and I can easily sleep through the whole treatment.

Recently, I had a stupid accident and dropped a heavy jar on my foot. The pain wasn't going away for several weeks, so I went to see Daichan who suggested moxibustion. After 3 treatments the pain is almost completely gone. In fact, I haven’t had any pain for almost a week.

During the last few months, I was experiencing some strange pain in my heels. Recently it started getting worse, especially on the foot that Daichan was already treating for the 'jar accident', so I asked Daichan about it. I received my first moxibustion treatment for this problem. It wasn't enjoyable enough to put me to sleep, but after only one treatment I could walk normally again! I am looking forward to my next appointment tomorrow.

I must say that I am impressed with the effectiveness of moxibustion. The actual treatment is not as calming and relaxing as shiatsu and acupuncture, but it is only a few minutes of mild discomfort, and well worth it, because it is still far less painful than the condition it is used to cure. I would definitely recommend this method.

The only thing I am sorry about is that I didn't start treatments at Shibata Clinic earlier. It would have saved me from lot of pain and helped me restart a normal life sooner. I would recommend Daichan Shibata and his healing techniques to anyone (except my enemies). He is a highly skilled practitioner who makes me feel secure and nurtured while in his care. After seeing Daichan, the only thing one can lose is pain…



Poor flexibility in my lower back has contributed to chronic lower back pain for the past 8 years. I have tried several methods to ease the pain including seeing osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists and massage therapists. Each of these methods work to some degree. However, Daichan has helped me overcome a lot of the pain using a combination of regular acupuncture and direct moxibustion. This direct moxibustion treatment is a higher intensity treatment than acupuncture and helps the healing process occur more quickly. I recommend to those seeking a stronger treatment regime than acupuncture to give this method a try. It works for me.